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Shaping up profile pictures

16 August 2016

Rectangles are the default shape for elements on a web page, but since when do web designers stick to defaults? 24 Ways guides the way to using non-standard shapes in our designs. Read more

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Content-aware styles

19 July 2016

24 Ways has been producing web-related content every December since 2005. In this time-sensitive field, how does it distinguish the old content from the new? By subtly changing the colour scheme. In this post, I figure out how to replicate this effect and think about further applications for content-aware styles. Read more

Tags: CSS Design Sass

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Colour design: green

31 May 2016

Green. What does it mean to you? The great outdoors? Toxic waste? The almighty dollar? In this post, I review some mind-blowing sites whose only link is the use of the colour green. Behold their greenness! Read more

Tags: Design

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A simple logo system

26 January 2016

In order to pull its weight, a logo has to be adaptable. Logo systems have build-in flexibility by allowing certain aspects to become variable. In the case of Real World English, it's the colour. Read more

Tags: Design Work

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Colour design: yellow

08 December 2015

(Contains around 2MB of images) Inspired by Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane's Responsive Web Design site, this is an exploration of the colour colour that has become almost synonymous with responsive web design. Read more

Tags: Design

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