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Toggling a form with AJAX and PHP

18 October 2016

I recently had to add a toggling widget to a web page. I didn't want to reload the whole page, but I did want the page to update after the data had been processed. How is this done? Why, AJAX, of course. Read more

Tags: HTML JavaScript PHP

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100 days of UI animation

08 August 2016

Inspired by The Great Discontent's 100 day project, I'm spending a hundred days producing small animated UI elements. Send caffeine. Read more

Tags: Animation CSS JavaScript Projects

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Third-party scripts on Rotten Tomatoes

19 April 2016

Like many high-traffic sites, Rotten Tomatoes downloads a ton of third-party scripts. In this post, I examine 20 of these scripts, and find out what they do, whether they're free, how big and how up-to-date they are, and what dependencies they have. Read more

Tags: JavaScript

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Bootstrap mega menu

29 March 2016

The main navigation on Rotten Tomatoes is a highly tweaked implementation of Bootstrap's dropdown menu. Instead of a simple list of links, its dropdowns contain several columns of links, headings and images. I investigate how this is achieved, as well as what problems it might cause for users. Read more

Tags: Bootstrap HTML JavaScript

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Mobile-friendly toggling menu

10 November 2015

With a dash of CSS and JavaScript, it's easy to create a mobile-friendly menu whose visibility is controlled by a toggle button. Read more

Tags: CSS HTML JavaScript

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