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100 days of UI animation

08 August 2016

Inspired by The Great Discontent's 100 day project, I'm spending a hundred days producing small animated UI elements. Send caffeine. Read more

Tags: Animation CSS JavaScript Projects

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Recreating a folding corner effect with cel animation

05 July 2016

In this post, I recreate the folding corner effect of the article summaries on 24 Ways. It reveals a whole treasure trove of CSS techniques, in particular how to simulate old-school cel animation. Read more

Tags: Animation CSS SVG

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CSS, SVG and base64

21 June 2016

24 Ways uses a cracker of a trick on their homepage to reveal author profile pics when the mouse hovers over an article summary. In this first post on the topic, I'm interested in how they include SVG code in CSS by using base64. Read more

Tags: Animation CSS SVG

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The carousel of praise

07 March 2016

Carousels are an easy way to add non-essential content to a website. In the case of CSS Wizardry, it is used for displaying positive feedback from clients. In this post, I look at the HTML, CSS—and the secondary school arithmetic—involved in coding a carousel. Read more

Tags: HTML CSS Animation

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